10 Tips for Adjusting to a Post-COVID Business World

So many small businesses are in a state of flux as they emerge from lockdowns and the pandemic. Some factors have changed permanently throughout the past year. And others may go back to normal. These tips from members of the online small business community can help you find balance.

Find Work in the Remote Economy

Remote work is here to stay. This can lead to tons of new opportunities for business owners and freelancers. If you’re currently looking for work, learn from the tips in this GrowMap post by Gail Gardner.

Create Best Practices for Working from Home

If you have a business with a team, there’s a good chance you’ve been working remotely this year. And you may even consider allowing remote work going forward. But it’s important to have policies in place to make it work long term. Learn more in this Wise Step post by Krishna

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Sensex Jumps 375 Points To Close Above 48000

The domestic markets witnessed some swift recovery from day’s lows and broke the two-day losing streak led by advances in Metals, Banks, and Financial stocks. The BSE Sensex climbed above 600 points from its day’s lows as investors cheered the broad basing of the vaccination program. 

However, the resurgence of Covid cases will continue to hamper the investor sentiment as the surge has affected the economic recovery as well as the Dalal-Street. The markets will bounce back stronger if the key index breaks the upside levels of 14800-14900, said experts. 

The BSE Sensex closed higher by 374.87 points at 48,080.67 with 18 of its constituents ending the day with gains. The Nifty-50 closed higher by 109.75 points at 14,406.75. 

ITC, HDFC Twins, and ICICI Bank were the top boosts for Sensex on Thursday, April 22. ICICI Bank added over three per cent, while the others gained over two per cent

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High Alert: Cybersecurity services in high demand with business world’s online migration

With more business being conducted online and remotely due to the coronavirus pandemic, the increased dependence on technology has been a boon for cyber criminals.

FBI Deputy Director Paul Abbate said criminals “took advantage of an opportunity to profit,” from this trend to go on an “internet crime spree.”

Abbate made the comment in the FBI Internet Crime Complaint Center’s recently released 2020 Internet Crime Report. The center indicated it received a record number of complaints from Americans last year (791,790) with reported losses exceeding $4.1 billion. It was an increase of more than 300,000 complaints compared to 2019. Complaints ranged from phishing scams to compromised emails, extortion and ransomware.

Attackers have targeted public and private entities alike — the city of Hartford and EMCOR in Norwalk are among those that have been victimized by ransomware attacks.

In the past year, with more businesses conducting operations online, demand for cybersecurity

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Ag industry’s propensity for change continues | Business World

WENATCHEE — Leo Garcia and Francisco Sarmiento have watched orchards evolve with more than a passing interest going on three decades.

WENATCHEE — Drones, sensors, optical scanners and robots already are part of the tree fruit industry, helping boost yields, assure quality and…

WENATCHEE — Literally rooted in the cycle of seasons, the agriculture industry and change remain close acquaintances.

Farmers have always kept one eye on what’s happening to their crops while planning for next year and beyond. The idea of innovation is a constant.


Dan Davis

“We don’t have anything that hasn’t changed,” Dan Davis, director of business development for Oneonta/Starr Ranch Growers, said of the fruit industry as a whole, from growers to processors, marketers and shippers. 

The industry is flush with new fruit varieties that are now being monitored by sensors, robots and drones or encased in netting to create microclimates to enhance growing

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