Man With The Golden Touch

There is gold in everything that Ketan Kothari and his company, Augmont does. “I have established Augmont, India’s only company which provides products related to the complete lifecycle management of gold be it digital gold, gold coins and bars, loans against gold, scrap gold, gold FD, gold bonds, gold ETFs and investible jewelry on EMI,” says Kothari, a double major in Finance who has also done Bachelors in Management Studies and a few short courses from MIT (Fintech) and Harvard (BGEI).

Augmont is an integrated precious metals management company with operations in trading of gold and silver coin and bar through its online platform, gold refining and manufacturing of tamper proof packaged jew­elry. Its offerings are given through a combination of digital applications, physical stores, and channel partners. 

Augmont has over 10 million retail customers, and it has done over two million deliveries to the poorest of poor across India. 

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Being Black In The Boston Business World

This Black History Month, we’ve been shining a light on various aspects of the Black experience in Boston.

We’ve remembered pioneering legends such as former state Rep. Doris Bunte and architect Donald Stull, and have taken stock of how those communities hit hardest by the coronavirus are tackling equity and hesitancy in the vaccine rollout.

Today, we speak with three Black professionals who are part of Boston’s business community, and discuss their experiences working in this city, and working to diversify it racially, economically and otherwise.

We’re joined by Teri Williams, president and COO of Boston-based OneUnited Bank, the country’s largest Black-owned bank. Also with us is Kristen Ransom, co-owner of IncluDe Innovation and IncluDe Web Design, and Sheena Collier, founder of the membership networks Boston While Black and The Collier Connection.

Interview Highlights

Borchers: How and why did you get into the fields that you’re in?

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Five things to watch for in the Canadian business world in the coming week

The Canadian Press

Madigan’s successor resigns amid ‘questionable conduct’

SPRINGFIELD, Ill. — The hand-picked successor to former House Speaker Michael Madigan’s seat abruptly resigned Wednesday, under pressure from his sponsors, who accused him of unspecified “questionable conduct.” Edward Guerra Kodatt submitted his resignation to the House clerk Wednesday morning, according to Democrat Emanuel “Chris” Welch of Hillside, citing a spokesman for the new House speaker. Kodatt quit just three days after he was chosen from among 10 candidates to replace Madigan, a Democrat from the Southwest Side of Chicago who had held the post for more than 50 years. “After learning of alleged questionable conduct by Mr. Kodatt, it was suggested that he resign as state representative for the 22nd District. We are committed to a zero tolerance policy in the workplace,” Madigan and Chicago Alderman Marty Quinn, who share office space, said in a statement. They did not elaborate

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Building An Ip Savvy Nation

Agacious Research (Sagacious IP) is a global IP research and consulting firm helping companies and institutions to monetise IP, defend IP litiga­tions and provide intelligence so they can lead through innovation in their industry and achieve most out of their IP budgets.

While setting up the company, the initial chal­lenge was hiring skilled candidates who possessed sound technical knowledge and took complete ownership of the customers. After adding many global customers to its kitty and moving their heads towards India to make it an IP Savvy nation, the biggest challenge is making Indian SME’s IP aware as they believe IP rights are only intended for hi-tech companies whereas in reality conventional industries benefit more from it.

Tarun Kumar Bansal, President, Sagacious IP, stated, “Creating such a company out of India is rather a unique achievement as India is not really considered an IP Savvy country by developed economies. We cur­rently

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