What can businesses learn from a dating app?

First, a quick disclaimer for the record: Because of my marital status, I have never used a dating app and have no plans to do so in the future. For this column, however, I did do some quick research on the genesis of the now widely used term, “Swipe right, Swipe left,” to communicate if one likes something or someone (right) or wants to convey a thumbs-down (left).

The popular online dating app Tinder created this method for those searching for love in all the right or sometimes even wrong places. Suppose one person likes the profile and photo of the second party. In that case, a finger swipe right over the picture shown on the smartphone or tablet can move a potential connection to the next plateau. Conversely, a screen finger gesture left means that it’s sayonara. This is a bilateral process. It takes both participants to ignite a

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Elon Musk slams Apple app store fees

Tesla CEO Elon Musk on Friday slammed Apple for the fees it charges companies to use its app store – a fee that he likened to a “global tax on the Internet.” 

“Apple app store fees are a de factor global tax on the Internet,” the billionaire tweeted. “Epic is right.”  


The “Epic” refers to Epic Games Inc., the video game company behind popular titles like “Fortnite” which brought a lawsuit against Apple, charging that the tech giant has transformed a once-tiny digital storefront into an illegal monopoly that squeezes mobile apps for a significant slice of their earnings. 

Apple takes a

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Get Business News on the Go with The Business Journal App – Business Journal Daily

YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio — Subscribers to The Business Journal can now get their business news on the go with a new mobile app available for Apple and Android devices.

The Business Journal mobile app is part of the multimedia publishing company’s initiative to allow users to customize their level of access. Users registered under any of the subscription packages can use their login credentials to use the app, which can be downloaded from the App Store and Google Play.

“This is just another way we’re striving to offer our content to audiences when and where they need it,” says Jeff Leo Herrmann, CEO of The Youngstown Publishing Co. “In today’s market, you can’t rely on just one or two platforms alone. A multi-platform approach is essential to accommodate readers at the speed of life.”

Top stories for the day are featured in the News section of the app as they

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Priest outed via Grindr app highlights rampant data tracking

When a religious publication used smartphone app data to deduce the sexual orientation of a high-ranking Roman Catholic official, it exposed a problem that goes far beyond a debate over church doctrine and priestly celibacy.

With few U.S. restrictions on what companies can do with the vast amount of data they collect from web page visits, apps and location tracking built into phones, there’s not much to stop similar spying on politicians, celebrities and just about anyone that’s a target of another person’s curiosity — or malice.

Citing allegations of “possible improper behavior,” the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops on Tuesday announced the resignation of its top administrative official, Monsignor Jeffrey Burrill, ahead of a report by the Catholic news outlet The Pillar that probed his private romantic life.

The Pillar said it obtained “commercially available” location data from a vendor it didn’t name that it “correlated” to Burrill’s phone

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