Caresyntax hauls in $100M to expand its surgical data analytics business

Caresyntax has closed a $100 million series C funding round that the Boston-based startup said will help further develop its digital surgery data platform and support expansion within its focus markets.

PFM Health Sciences headlined the raise, which included support from new backers Optum Ventures, Intel Capital, Lauxera Capital Partners, Vesalius Biocapital Partners, Arno Capital and Rezayat Invest. Prior investors IPF Partners, Relyens and Surgical.AI also participated.

This raise brings the tech company’s lifetime funding to $177.5 million.

Caresyntax’s enterprise products collect surgical data from inside of the operating room and through other sources such as medical devices, imaging or an organization’s electronic health record system.

By unifying these data streams, the company says it delivers a range of evidence-based insights that can drive decision-making inside of the operating room. Its artificial intelligence and automation tools are designed to help surgeons manage their workflows, hospital administrators monitor performance trends and

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Are You Already Familiar with Reviews-International

We’ve all been in a situation where we wanted to purchase something or go somewhere but needed a second opinion about whether it was worth our time or money. Similarly, we often find websites online that offer goods or services that we want, but we are unsure if they actually deliver on the services they offer or that the goods sold are quality.

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Essentially we need a third party opinion about the things that we want to buy online or the places that we want to go to. Usually we turn to our friends and acquaintances for these reviews, however a lot of time they may be just as clueless as we are about what we want to find out. Fortunately, there are sites that offer reviews about almost everything that you want to know about.

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Apple grows ad business with launch of App Store Search Ads in China

App Store Search Ads started in 2016, right around the time that Apple announced a financial target to double Services revenue by 2020 (it would go on to easily beat that goal). At the time, Search Ads were sold only in the United States. Apple would quickly expand the ad service internationally.

More than five years on, the company is now releasing App Store Search Ads in China, as first reported by blog AppInChina.

Obviously, China’s scale makes it a huge market. However, strict Chinese advertising rules limit exactly what can be promoted. In fact, developers will need to upload special documents and get explicit approval before being allowed to bid for keywords on the Apple Search Ads platform. This complexity is probably why it took Apple so long to launch Search Ads in China at all.

China is similarly restrictive on what apps can be listed on the

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Real-time analytics begins to find business vocation

Anyone responsible for data analytics or business intelligence in their organisation faces two challenges: dealing with an ever-growing volume of data and processing data more quickly.

The volume of data has grown exponentially over the past decade, with IDC estimating that 59ZB (zettabytes) of data was created in 2020 alone. But for decision-makers, the emphasis is often less on how much data is available – arguably, there is already too much – and more on how quickly that data can be turned into information they can act on.

For some, the goal is to act immediately – and even without human intervention. The need for faster decision-making, and the potential to tie data analysis into machine learning and autonomous systems, is prompting data analytics specialists and tools suppliers to move towards processing data in real time, or as close to real time as is practical. But so far,

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