Business Analytics Firms To Watch Out, That Is Attracting Workforce And Revolutionizing Recruitment

Every organization employs business analytics to enable data-driven decisions. Business analytics provides an excellent overview and insights into how companies can become more efficient, optimize, and automate their processes, and improve the quality of decision-making. The job opening in the data analytics industry is a never-ending saga. More and more tech players are opting for business analytics firms every day. As business analytics role range from data scientists and data engineers to data analyst, database administrator, machine learning engineer, data architect, statisticians, and business analyst, the job market is vast and always welcomes both new and experienced people.  

Hereby enclosing, Business Analytics Firms to watch out, that is attracting workforce and revolutionizing recruitment:

Following are the 4 Data Analytics companies which are attracting more workforce and have seen an upward trajectory based on continued growth, strong performance, and innovation.

1. Merilytics: It offers advanced and intelligent analytical solutions to clients globally with a strong focus on USA. The solutions primarily focus on using decision sciences and analytics-based approach to generate superior returns for clients. Merilytics brings to table an integrated approach to solve advanced analytics problems and delivers full spectrum solutions. Merilytics specializes in Customer Analytics, Sales & Operations, Pricing & Promotions, Digital Analytics, Marketing Analytics, Financial Planning & Analytics, Master Data Management, Data Infrastructure, Business Intelligence, and Analytics Application Development.

It serves in Consumer Products & Goods, Healthcare, Technology, Fitness, Industrials etc. The firm serves as a one-stop shop for providing integrated technological, data science, and analytics solutions. The firm tailors its approach and solutions to its clients’ business requirements, providing them a customized experience rather than one solution-fits all approach/framework. These high-quality solutions are successfully deployed due to company’s in-depth & holistic understanding of its clients business’, data, people, and processes.

2. Mu Sigma: Being one of the most renowned Decision Sciences and business analytics companies, Mu Sigma is helping businesses to drive intelligent decision making through their best in class and accurate data analytics solutions. Serving various industries, MuSigma specialises in-demand analytics, marketing analytics, network planning, optimisation, and risk analytics among other services. Their big data analytics software helps organisations with scaling data analytics solutions from problem definition and mapping to analytical solution discovery and operationalisation.

3. Tiger Analytics: It is a trusted data science and data engineering partner to some of the leading Fortune 500 companies. The company has its global delivery centre in Chennai. It helps in bringing about a great deal of expertise in customer analytics, marketing science, and operations, and planning analytics. Tiger Analytics has a range of services including Marketing Analytics, Customer Analytics, Risk Analytics, operations, and planning services. It helps in setting up the KPI reporting and dashboard for tracking and alerting on pre-defined performance indicators.

4. EXL: It is a leading operations management and analytics company that helps clients build and grow sustainable businesses. By orchestrating its domain expertise, data, analytics, and digital technology, the firm look deeper to design and manage agile, customer-centric operating models to improve global operations, drive profitability, enhance customer satisfaction, increase data-driven insights, manage risk, and compliance. EXL has more than 31,000 professionals in locations throughout the United States, the UK, Europe, India, the Philippines, Colombia, Australia, and South Africa. EXL serves multiple industries including insurance, healthcare, banking, logistics, media, and retail, among others.