Business Analytics Graduate Student Looks Forward to Beginning Career at Amazon

This summer, Sharath Raj ’22 M.S. will join Amazon as a software development engineer, and he’s excited to combine his passions for data and technology.

January 11, 2022

By Renee Chmiel, Office of Marketing and Communications

Image of Sharath Raj ’22 M.S. in New York
Sharath Raj ’22 M.S. in New York.

Sharath Raj ’22 M.S. is interested in data analysis and its ability to impact business. He is also passionate about learning more about business standards and exploring ways to continue to improve them.

Raj, who has a background in technology and a degree in computer science and engineering, recently accepted an offer from Amazon. This summer, he will begin working as a software development engineer, and he will be based in Boston.

“I am excited to work on new things and learn different technologies that will eventually help me drive my business and stand out from the competition,” he said.

A native of India, Raj has always been passionate about starting his own company and becoming a leader in the defense and space industry. He is interested in the impact technology can have on revolutionizing the defense industry.

Raj gained hands-on experience while interning at institutions such as the Indian Institute of Science and Tata Consultancy Services. He also presented a research paper at the Second International Conference on Big Data and Data Mining held in Fukuoka, Japan, in 2017.

‘Helped me progress toward my career goals’

As a candidate in the University’s graduate program in data analytics, Raj has continued to broaden his knowledge and develop the skills he needs to succeed.

Image of Sharath Raj ’22 M.S.
Sharath Raj ’22 M.S.

“I enjoyed learning about different technologies and how data visualizations can help individuals and businesses understand the importance of a product or a study,” he said. “The various technologies we have learned about throughout our coursework, as well as the business fundamentals and acumen, have, so far, helped me progress toward my career goals.”

Raj, who earned a provost’s assistantship to work with the Pompea College of Business, is grateful for the support and mentorship of the faculty and staff at the University.

“Every professor I have crossed paths with has played a crucial role throughout my life as a Charger,” he said. “My professors have all shown me the fundamental abilities and outfitted me with a range of abilities to get my position at Amazon.”