China-Taiwan conflict: Explained in Simple Words

China recently conducted its biggest-ever military force show in the seas and air, including firing ballistic rockets around Taiwan territory. This military show responded to a visit to Taiwan by Nancy Pelosi (Speaker of the US House of Representatives). The Chinese President proactively warned the US, saying, “Those who will play with fire will perish by it. Hopefully, the US will be clear-eyed on this”.

China simulating attack on Taiwan; planes and ships crossing Taiwan Strait:  Report - The Week

He also said reunification with Taiwan would be fulfilled; if not politely, they could use military force to do the same. The Chinese Government believes that Taiwan is part of Chinese territory and will be in control of Beginning. In contrast, Taiwan Government claims they are separate from China and have its own constitution and democracy.

Let’s understand the conflict in detail.

Where is Taiwan located?

Taiwan is an island situated nearby southeast China; it is approximately 100 miles far from southeast china. The borders of China and Taiwan are not connected, Taiwan is an island, so there is a sea between them.

 It is included in the purported “First Island Chain.” This chain includes US-Friendly territories that are pivotal to the United States. A few western experts suggest that if China takes control of Taiwan, it could threaten the US military bases as far as Hawaii and Guan.

However, China claims that their indentations are only peaceful.

Has Taiwan always been separated from China?

Some trusted historical sources propose that in the 17th century, Taiwan went under complete Chinese control, and the Qing dynasty began its administration.

In 1895, China lost the first Sino-Japanese War and surrendered this Island to Japan.

Further, in 1945, China took this island from Japan again as they lost world war two.

After that, a nationwide conflict happened in mainland China between one nationalist government force and the communist party led by Chiang Kai-shek and Mao Zedong.

In 1949, Mao Zedong’s communist party won and took over Beijing.

As the Nationalists lost, their group (who were left in the party), including Chiang Kai-shek, moved to Taiwan, known as Kuomintang. And for several decades, Kuomintang ruled there.

So, by pointing out this history, China claims that Taiwan is part of its territory.

 Still, Taiwan counters it with the same history by mentioning that it was never part of the modern Chinese territory initially formed after the 1911 revolution or the People’s Republic of China that was laid out under Mao in 1949. Kuomintang has been Taiwan’s most influential and powerful political party that ruled the island for a significant part of its history. Currently, 13 nations, in addition to the Vatican, perceive Taiwan as an independent sovereign. China has been pressuring other countries for a long time not to recognize or do any act that acknowledges Taiwan as a separate country.

At last Now you must understand the reason for the conflict between China and Taiwan. Let us know your view on this topic in the comment section and whose side you are on.