Choosing the Right Showcase Refrigerator for Your Business

A refrigerator showcase is a type of refrigerator that is cool like an ordinary refrigerator. As the name implies, showcase refrigerators are prioritized to display or display products that cannot stand the temperature of the room, such as fresh drinks, alcohol, pudding, and so on. For those of you who want to start a business and use a showcase fridge, you should listen to tips on choosing the following showcase refrigerator.

Choosing a Showcase Refrigerator To Support Your Business

The form of the showcase is generally dominated by the transparent glass with a refrigerator handle that is easily opened and closed. This cooling media is most often found in shops, stalls, or restaurants and is rarely used for household activities. When choosing a showcase, you must be observant in terms of the size that suits your needs. By knowing the variant of the showcase refrigerator, you can also be more satisfied with the results of using the showcase.

Choosing a Refrigerator Showcase That Is Suitable for Your Business Needs

Many factors determine the choice of the size of the refrigerator showcase that is suitable for your business needs. In order not to make the wrong choice, read the following instructions clearly!

  1. Product Type

The trick for choosing a showcase refrigerator is first to identify your product needs. Small products such as pudding bowls or yogurt generally do not have a heavy burden and can be arranged in piles. Therefore, you can just adjust the daily sales stock with the size of the showcase that you want to have.

Conversely, canned drinks or alcohol with glass bottles will undoubtedly have a heavier weight and must be supported by a showcase that is also not the size. Back again, you need to adjust to the product sales capacity every day, so you don’t go back and forth to fill the product.

  • Product Expiration

Products with shorter expiration periods are recommended to be placed in the small to medium size showcase refrigerator. Why? Because every time you open the refrigerator door, the product will be vulnerable to quality problems.

For example, fresh milk products are more suitable to be placed in a medium-sized refrigerator, because the remaining stock can be placed in the freezer. While beverage products that can last longer may be displayed in large sizes because they will not be disturbed by quality.

  • Product Variations

Do you have more than one product to sell? Automatic large-sized showcase refrigerators are the most ideal for business. Instead of buying several small showcases, it would be more effective if all the products were mixed in one large showcase refrigerator with maximum capacities, such as single door to double door showcase. Also, pay attention to the tips on arranging drinks in the following showcase refrigerator.

  • The reach of consumers for products

The last advice for choosing a refrigerator showcase for your business, the team recommended that you select a showcase refrigerator that has at least 3 shelves, with a capacity of 180 liters. You can choose the Showcase Refrigerator from Now, this showcase fridge has 2 black and red variants. You can choose according to the theme and color in your shop or restaurant.

Tips for caring for the showcase

The showcase cooler is one type of refrigerators like a refrigerator and freezer. The difference is, the cooler showcase is specifically designed to cool drinks or food, and at the same time, display it to be interesting to see. Showcase cooler is used to store drinks or food to keep it fresh but not frozen.

The showcase cooler is generally designed with transparent doors and shelves for composing drinks and food. Currently, the showcase cooler is necessary equipment in supermarkets, convenience stores, bakeries, restaurants, cafes to small shops that sell cold beverages and food.

Well, if you are one of the showcase cooler users or plan to use it, consider a few tips about using the cooler showcase to keep it up to date and the best selling merchandise below.

To cool drinks in bottles or cans, only temperatures between 20 and 40 are needed. The temperature range is ideal enough to make drinks cold. No need to set the heat of the showcase cooler even cooler because it will trigger a surge in electricity consumption due to increased compressor performance.

Periodically check the rubber on the door of the showcase cooler. Make sure this section is always in good condition. If it is damaged, replace it immediately. Because the rubber has an essential function of holding cold air out.

Periodically clean the evaporator with a brush. A clean evaporator will speed up the cooling process. If there are lots of ice flowers, turn the machine off to thaw it. Let the ice flower melt naturally and do not hit it because it has the potential to damage the evaporator.

Every month, do cleaning on the condenser. A clean condenser makes the cooling process faster, and the power consumption remains normal.

Routinely ask for help from a technician to check the voltage, amperes, and tightness of the cable connection. Such electrical control is essential to prevent damage and detect damage early.

Avoid putting the showcase cooler in an area exposed to direct sunlight. Place the showcase cooler in a cool place, about 15cm away from the wall, and not close to electronic items that emit heat such as a microwave or oven.

Don’t put hot or hot drinks or food into the cooler showcase. This action will only make more electricity usage.

Pay attention to the arrangement of beverage and food products at the cooler showcase. Arrange the products neatly according to their categories. For example, only orange flavored drinks from certain brands are combined with the same glass. Likewise with cake, place cake with topping and uniform size in the same group. Category-based structuring not only shows a neat and clean impression but also attracts the attention of consumers and makes it easy to find the product being sought.

Place the showcase cooler in a strategic area, for example, the area of ​​bestseller products or in the impulse area. The impulse area is a strategic area that allows products to be purchased suddenly. For example, in the area near the cashier.

Fill the showcase cooler according to its capacity, don’t overdo it. Not only does it look crowded and unattractive, content that exceeds capacity will make the showcase cooler’s performance even more so that electricity consumption increases.

Clean the showcase cooler regularly both the outside and the inside using a soft cloth. This showcase cooler treatment will make the showcase durable and always look new.

Those are some tips about using a cooler showcase to stay excellent and selling well. If you plan to buy a showcase, choose the type of showcase cooler that suits your needs. For example, a special type of pastry showcase cooler is provided for displaying cakes and cakes.