Spring weather creates a natural want to give your outdoor space and home exterior a little update. Whether you’re working with a large yard and an upscale single-family home, or you have a small balcony for outdoor living space, our top easy ways to update your home exterior are sure to make your spring-summer season more enjoyable outdoors.

If you’re thinking about selling your property in the spring market, a refreshed outdoor living space can help sell your home faster. Concerned about buying a property and selling your current one at the same time? Check out these top tips to make the process more seamless!

Give your porch a facelift

A great place to start when updating your home exterior is by giving your front porch a facelift. Start by adding a new coat of paint to your front door. This not only creates a fresh look upon first impression, but it’s also a way to integrate fun design into your curb appeal. Next, upgrade your exterior light fixtures for a more modern, bright look. Finish it off by adding some décor pieces such as rocking chairs, a new doormat, a bench swing, and some potted plants.

Illuminate your landscape

Another easy way to upgrade your outdoor living space is by illuminating your landscaping. You can do this in multiple ways! Consider adding some aesthetic string lights to your back patio, balcony, or porch for ambiance when you entertain this summer. Add lights along your pathways with solar options so you can easily navigate your outdoor living space at any time. Install some floodlights at the base of trees or in your flower beds for an illuminated look no matter the time of day. Lighting can make a big impact on your overall outdoor space vibe.

Reseal & wash

Try upgrading your home exterior by resealing your driveway and giving everything outdoors a nice pressure wash. You can easily rent a pressure washer for minimal cost and the impact will be massive. Wash your home siding, fencing, walkways, decking, and all other outdoor surfaces for a spring refresh outside. If you have a blacktop driveway, consider getting it resealed this spring. Again, this brings a fresh look to your home exterior and offers a well-maintained design factor in your curb appeal.

It’s mail time

A small home exterior upgrade you can make that will add impact to the look of your home is by updating your shabby, rusty mailbox. You can accomplish this by giving your existing one a fresh coat of paint or going for a new showstopping design. Finish off the look with updated address numbers for a refreshed street view of your home exterior.

Landscape like a pro

Our final tip for updating your home exterior this spring is to integrate some simple landscaping into your outdoor living space. Add fresh mulch where appropriate and plant some perennial foliage for low maintenance beauty year-after-year. Finish off the look with some fun potted planters of fragrant herbs, colorful blooms, and bold greenery.