Enthralling people with her versatility in the business world is a young talent, Anusha Chowdhury

Image: Anusha Chowdhury
Image: Anusha Chowdhury

New Delhi : She has multiple ventures to her credit, including an e-grocery store, an apparel brand, an auto induction wads business and also an NGO.

Isn’t it always surreal to learn about all those people who wish to cross boundaries and go ahead in climbing mountains to fly the flag of their hard work and determination? The world is indeed filled with many talented beings, but some stories pump in the right energies in us, for they teach us many things in ways more than one. It is essential to learn more about their stories also because they stand as true examples in society as to how a leader needs to be. Anusha Chowdhury is all about these and much more. She is a young business personality from Bangladesh, who from the very start had her priorities set straight and that was to be a part of the business world and create success through providing people value and providing many new opportunities to them.

It takes a lot to think of others and take multiple steps forward in doing the good for others. However, Anusha Chowdhury shows how to do that and with much grace, proving to the world that age is only a number. She believes that all those people who work with a solid aim in mind and put in every possible effort go ahead in creating the success they desire. At only 25 years, Anusha Chowdhury has been able to build her empire with one of a kind ventures that have only astounded people and have turned heads in the entrepreneurial space.

The ongoing trying times have been stressful for all, which requires strong actions from people that can make all the difference. To provide people with basic needs, she originated a unique e-grocery store called ‘Bazar Nao’, which has been making a lot of buzz across Bangladesh by providing people with all the commodities and groceries from a wide range of offerings on credit. Anusha Chowdhury also initiated a foundation named ‘Fund A Nation’ that is driven to provide opportunities and a better life to people in Bangladesh. If this is not inspiring, what is?

As a 25-year-old entrepreneur, Anusha Chowdhury also spearheads her apparel brand named L’anush that manufactures and supplies high-quality ready-made apparel collections to prominent brands. She is also the CEO of Vision Induction Wads, which is of one of the top manufacturers of auto induction wads for sealing of HDPE/ PET/ PP, Glass Bottles & Jars, Aluminium Blister Foil, and Aluminium lids foil. With her new startup Bazar Nao, Anusha Chowdhury wants people in Bangladesh to get quality groceries on credit, as most of the people in Bangladesh have jobs and have been found relying on their local grocery shops with not many varieties in groceries. For helping them not settle for less and giving the opportunity to purchase what they want on credit, the young entrepreneur initiated Bazar Nao. She wants it to be known as the best e-grocery platform in Bangladesh and aims to grow nationwide as well in the near future.

As a young entrepreneur, Anusha Chowdhury has left no stone unturned to serve the people of Bangladesh, be it with her e-commerce business, her foundation or her other ventures.