Facebook Coursera Marketing Analytics Professional Certificate FAQ

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Whether you’re looking to switch careers — or enhance your current one — Facebook’s new Marketing Analytics Professional Certificate program is built to teach you in-demand skills in five months or less.

This early career program teaches students marketing analytics skills to take them from beginner to job-ready in five months.

Offered through the online learning platform Coursera, the program includes six courses and requires no prior knowledge in the subject. Students learn how data informs marketing decisions as well as how to effectively approach common analytical questions and use essential analytics tools — skills that can be applied to a range of careers, from becoming a marketing analyst to boosting a personal business.

The program was designed in collaboration with marketing analytics experts at Aptly and Facebook, including Anke Audenaert, CEO and co-founder of Aptly and an adjunct professor at UCLA.

A Coursera lecturer speaking in an online learning video

Anke Audenaert, one of the instructors in the Facebook Marketing Analytics Professional Certification program, is the CEO and Co-Founder of Aptly. Audenaert is a trained psychologist who completed her master’s in Consumer Behavior and Marketing.


How much does the Facebook Marketing Analytics program cost?

Coursera offers a seven-day free trial and then charges $49 per month to continue learning. (The program is estimated to take around five months, which theoretically puts the bill at $245 total).

If $49/month is too steep, you can also try applying for financial aid. 

If you don’t need access to every feature or certificate, you can also audit the program for free by clicking on each individual course and hitting the “Enroll for Free” button. Once you do, you’ll see a pop-up that has “audit the course” in small print in the lower-left corner.

A Coursera module explaining the company's free trial terms

Audit the course by clicking “Enroll for Free” and clicking on the small font in the lower lefthand corner. (Note: This means you won’t get an official certificate at the end).


Despite it being taught by Facebook, the Marketing Analytics program isn’t designed solely around Facebook’s tools. Students also work on building foundational skills such as applying a marketing analytics framework and using Python programming and Tableau. 

You can scan all the courses and their syllabi here.

An example of a Coursera lecture model titled "Evaluating Marketing outcomes with Google Analytics"

You’ll learn a range of foundational marketing analytics skills through short videos, quizzes, and projects.


What credentials do you get if you finish the program? 

The Facebook Marketing Analytics Professional Certificate program, as the name suggests, awards you a certificate of completion when you successfully finish the program, which you can add to your LinkedIn profile and your resume.

The final course also prepares you for the Facebook Marketing Science Certification Exam, which is only accessible to people who’ve successfully completed all five earlier courses.

Throughout the program, you’ll also apply your skills to Applied Learning Projects — which may be useful for interviews or in a portfolio. Students participate in projects on topics that range from using Python to sort data to visualizing results through Tableau. 

Lastly, upon completion, students also get access to the Facebook Certification Career Network — a job search platform with 130+ top employers looking for skilled talent.

The bottom line

If you’re looking for a relatively cost-effective, comprehensive way to learn and demonstrate foundational Marketing Analytics skills, this is a solid option to consider.