GI City Council approves restaurant coming to Bosselman Business Center

GRAND ISLAND, Neb. (KSNB) – A new restaurant is coming to the Bosselman Business Park after the Grand Island City Council approved the new business Tuesday night.

Bosselman Enterprise originally applied for Tax Increment Financing a few years ago to put their headquarters down South Locust Street, then eventually also add a new hotel.

The offices went in, but the hotel never did. They approached the City Council on Tuesday about changing those plans to now bring in a restaurant.

“The biggest thing is the change in markets over the last five or six years,” Regional Planning Director Chad Nabity told Local4 News. “There have been a number of hotels built and now with the hotel and casino at Fonner Park, they really don’t want to put another hotel within a quarter mile of that hotel.”

They did have to get the approval of the City Council for the change because of the TIF financing. because this new project is a fraction of the cost of the original plan.

“There is a big difference. If it had been a commercial office building that is similar in size to the hotel and evaluation, we may not have had to go forward with amending that application,” Nabity said. “Since there was such a difference it does require the application is amended.”

The hotel was supposed to be an $8 million project. The restaurant is only about half a million.

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