Inventory Management Softwares Enabling Companies to Enhance Customer Service 

The Best Inventory Management Software for 2023

If you have a business, you might have heard about inventory management software and why it can serve a crucial role in your company. To put it simply, inventory management software are solutions that can help companies manage inquiries, complaints, inventory, and various other issues related to their customers. Their software enables businesses to organize and prioritize their customer requests, track progress, and reach a timely resolution – all of which significantly improve customer services through an efficient and effective way of dealing with customer issues. 

These software help businesses handle customer inquiries quickly, reducing response time and ensuring that their customers receive the best solution that fits their needs. According to research by WorkHub, it was found that 60% of customer teams that tend to experience high growth make use of help desk management software, which is more prevalent than most teams within lower growth rates. 

Having an inventory management software can also provide a clear overview of each request’s current status. Customers are then provided with notifications related to their ticket updates, which then increases transparency and diminishes the likelihood of customers who feel ignored. 

Moreover, it can also provide businesses with valuable insights about customer behavior and trends, which can then help companies identify crucial information related to their customers, areas for improvement, and various other valuable information that can be used to improve customer experience. 

You can learn more about how these software work to help businesses improve their customer experience by reaching out to some of the ideal companies who specialize in this field – an example being FEVO. 

Founded in 2016, FEVO serves as a revered social commerce company that offers assistance to many hospitality, retail, and ticketing vendors. They make use of its platform with inventory management software that works to add improved flexibility to their checkout processes while simultaneously enabling their customers with shareable online shopping carts. 

It also allows customers to gain access to various social features offered during the checkout process. Some of these include inviting acquaintances to events or creating group seating arrangements through each purchase. FEVO is Costco’s ticketing vendor of record – allowing FEVO Partners to sell tickets to Costco members nationwide that are both offline and online. And now, Costco is the sixth-largest retailer all over the world, with more than 100 million members. 

In addition to that, the company has also integrated its platform with Ticketmaster’s e-commerce platform. This way, they are able to make the group booking experience far more seamless as compared to various other options. They also have partnerships with hundreds of clients, including venues, hospital companies, etc. Some of their most notable investors include Lore Software, Sports Loft, Sapphire Ventures, Eldridge Industries, and more. 

In 2018, FEVO announced its Series B funding round that Eldridge Industries supported with Contour Venture Partners, and the valuation for round one was undisclosed. Additionally, FEVO was designated as the “Social Ticketing Partner of NASCAR” just recently, further amplifying its reputation within its industry.