Retirement Homes and Luxury Retirement Homes – An In-Depth Study


All human life involves ageing, and this undesired process of getting older makes it much more crucial. It is the latter stage of human existence, during which the body weakens, and the psychological traits get more emotionally sensitive and triggered. Elders often start acting just like children. They crave their family to give them more time, which gets difficult because everyone is busy with their own lives. And because of this, older people get less insured and more susceptible to depression. 

The core problem of the elderly

Being alienated from social, economic, and other activities and the degradation of all physical and psychological components make old age a misery. Weak bodies make people more dependent on others, fearful anticipatory speculations about the course of life make them anxious, and low income and consequently shrinking position in the family and society leave them in deep despair. Old age has been seen as a problematic stage of life where one engages in reflective thinking and starts to find meaning in his life. 

Elders are increasingly slipping through the cracks in family care because of a changing family value structure, children’s financial obligations, and neglect and abuse. Homes for the Senior are the best option for elderly persons who live alone and struggle with health issues, despair, and loneliness. Older persons are left unattended due to modern lifestyle restrictions and the value placed on time in the rat race. It is claimed that a home is a place where both the elders and the young are welcome. As a result, old age homes and senior living homes or retirement homes were seen as a solution. 

Living in a retirement home: what it looks like

Seniors who are unable to live with their families or who are needy should live in an old-age home. The best old age home offer a safe place for elderly people with nowhere else to go and no one to help them. The ambience that these houses foster among the residents is one of a family. When seniors communicate their joys and sorrows with one another, they feel secure and closer to one another. In India, states like Delhi, Kerala, Maharashtra, and West Bengal have built the best old age homes facilities. But Kerala tops the list due to its consistent performance and diligence in building old age homes.  

These homes offer specialised medical services such as mobile health care systems, ambulances, nurses, and the supply of wholesome meals. At the same time, retirement homes provide the elders with the highest quality of life possible by providing them with first-rate amenities and compassionate staff. The elders are also given the time and space at well-run retirement homes to resume their interests, interact with others their own age, and concentrate on their health by participating in regular fitness programmes. 

To keep the inhabitants in top shape, most retirement homes feature plenty of green spaces and outdoor gyms. Retirement homes are a fantastic option for people who want to continue living freely in their old age because the facilities offer a combination of healthcare, hospitality, and housing. 

Retirement homes have replaced the best of the old age homes over time as elderly individuals in India choose independence and sociability with their peers in their golden years. Most elders nowadays are financially secure, have travelled extensively and are socially active with a desire to live according to their terms and conditions. It’s crucial to keep in mind that this generation of people who have just retired is typically more dynamic, well-read, sophisticated, and financially independent than prior ones. After working nonstop their entire lives, they now have the choice of when to slow down or stop working altogether, and most importantly, how and where to spend the remaining years of their lives. As a result, an increasing number of elders are taking control of their future by relocating to retirement homes. 

Over the years, more and more people are opting for a better and more comfortable place to live. In this view, there’s been an increase in the number of luxury retirement homes just like the luxury old age homes. Most of these retirement homes are located in the suburbs of metros. Over time new projects are developing in well-known retirement destinations, such as Coimbatore, Goa, Pune, Jaipur, Bangalore and Dehradun. 

Difference between retirement homes and luxury retirement homes 

The difference between retirement homes and luxurious retirement homes are: 


Retirement homes are usually constructed in a peaceful area, an independent place to live with all the necessities and are senior-friendly; they are well furnished and have houses obstructed so that no one faces issues in climbing or walking around. They have various places, like a hall, basketball court, and studio, so that people can meet and interact, while the luxury retirement homes offer resort-style living, one of its main benefits. Resort-style living is often best for the mind, body, and spirit, especially in later life. Thus, it is more comfortable and looks rich. For instance, they may have a temple, garden, or market area of their own, just like the luxury old age homes which provide a better standard of living. 

Health facilities

Retirement homes may lack facilities of regular health checkups, physiotherapy, well-trained nurses, around-the-clock support from doctors, emergency assistance and other preventive care programs that luxury retirement homes try to provide to ensure mental and physical wellness. They may even have emergency switches which can be used in case of an emergency. Even luxury old age homes provide better health care facilities, but it is sometimes impossible to see everyone together. 


Rooms in luxury retirement homes are more extensive, maybe 1 BHK or 2 BHK and well painted and tiled compared to the retirement homes

Other facilities

The facilities of wealth like a spa, a salon, a library, theatre, pool or a golf court may be available in luxury retirement homes which are not found in retirement homes. They even offer transport facilities to move from one place to another. 


When elders in good health offer their expertise and knowledge, the adage “old is gold” holds true. They experience good health and great delight and satisfaction from their own and their loved ones’ accomplishments. Even though the ageing process, disorders, and disabilities in the elders cannot be avoided entirely, appropriate actions can be implemented to slow this trend, leading to a longer time of health and so preserving their quality of life. 

Environmental elements can be managed and changed to enhance self-efficacy, which will benefit the environment for elderly residents of retirement homes. Activities for social and physical recreation will enhance older residents’ quality of life by boosting their self-esteem and degree of contentment.

So, luxury retirement homes are a good option if one can afford them. And the elders can enjoy their life healthier and be happy with people of their same age.