Services Provided by Offshore Call Centers

One of the most popular strategies for business owners, when it comes to customer care or telephony services, is outsourcing all tasks to offshore BPO companies. Since the biggest proportion of such companies is found in South Asia, where compared to Europe and the Americas, the currency exchange rate is the lowest, business owners in the West largely found it a good place to go for such alliances. Business owners find it cheap investing here and compared to call centers in all other parts of the world, the efficiency here remains simply incomparable. South Asia is a region where talent is endless and when so much of it gathers, competition increases and prices of the services fall.

This region has long been renowned for boasting the world’s most talented people. World’s top universities and colleges are usually filled with South Asians while the holders of top positions in internationally recognized examinations are also often, South Asians. Hence, the South Asian BPO industry is home to some of the world’s most talented individuals. This has brought in a great deal of competition in the region, thus lowering the costs of services. Furthermore, since the currency exchange rates in this part of the world compared to Pound Sterling, Euro and Dollar are immensely cheap. What else could be the reason for South Asian contact center industry attracting business owners and entrepreneurs from all corners of the globe? The offshore industry comprises of various BPO companies who, in turn, come to provide various services.

A call center service, provided by one BPO company might be different from those of the other. These services can be divided into three major categories; Most Mature, Medium Mature and Least Mature. In the category of Most Mature services, provisions of application migration, application maintenance and management and legacy application development while under the Medium Mature category, those of enterprise application integration, business integration, new custom application development and implementation of application packages (e.g. ERP, CRM and SCM) can be found. In the category titled Least Mature, services such as business process outsourcing (BPO), ERP services, infrastructure outsourcing, remote network management, embedded software, call centers, and technical services, product engineering. This is however the most typical classification of answering services and not necessarily all these services might be found as such from a particular BPO company.

Services may vary and to find the best package for themselves, the business owners will have to first survey their requirements and then look out which BPO company offers the most suitable package. Usually, inbound services would include: customer service, handling call overflow, support lines, 24-Hrs help desk and technical support, phone answering, emergency and direct response, order hotlines, consumer response, claims processing, order taking, product technical information and web receptionist. Outbound services would include database selling, market intelligence, lead generation/ qualification /management, direct mail follow-up, seminar population, debt collection, product promotion, info & literature fulfillment, decision maker contacts, appointment scheduling, up sell/cross sell campaigns, customer satisfaction, surveys.