The Curious Case Of Paradoxes In Business Analytics

“All generalisations are false, including this one,” wrote Mark Twain. The human mind has the meta ability to yoke two contradicting thoughts to birth a paradox. For instance, simple tasks on machines demand more computation. Computers can outsmart chess grandmasters but still fall short on trivial human tasks. Moravec’s paradox is all about this. “Abstract thought, though, is a new trick, perhaps less than 100 thousand years old. We have not yet mastered it. It is not all that intrinsically difficult; it just seems so when we do it,” observed Moravec.

At MLDS 2021, David Hauser, Chief Science Officer at Genpact, offered a refreshing perspective on paradoxes. In his talk, titled “Paradoxes and Unexpected Counter-Intuition in Business Analytics and Mathematics”, gave the audience a sneak peek into how business decision making can be heavily influenced by counterintuitive thinking.

Paradoxes, Business Analytics and Mathematics

(Image credits: David Hauser, Genpact)


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