Top 5 trends in business analytics: Here’s how ISB Executive Education’s Applied Business Analytics programme can help you stay updated

It is no secret that data has the potential to power businesses of all kinds. It can instantly give organisations a competitive edge in solving problems, increasing efficiency, boosting revenue, cutting risks, and various other preventive and predictive benefits. The power of data and analytics is so immense that today businesses, irrespective of their size, are leveraging analytics tools to determine how data can be used for innovation to stay ahead in a constantly changing corporate landscape. To understand how business analytics work in real life, one can look at the Covid-19 pandemic when businesses that were data-adept could stay ahead because they could minimise risk and monitor remotely for seamless operations.

A recent report published by The Economic Times also states how 83% of India’s data-driven companies are more resilient and confident during the pandemic than non-data-driven companies. This indicates that analytics is one of the biggest buzzwords in

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Updated pesticide mobile licenses & business app

Baton Rouge, La. (April 28, 2021) – The Louisiana Department of Agriculture and Forestry (LDAF) has updated its mobile application. Now, users can look up private and commercial pesticide applicators, aerial and ground owner operators, agricultural consultants, structural pest control businesses, licensees, and technicians; and restricted use pesticide (RUP) dealers and salespersons, said Commissioner Mike Strain, D.V.M.

“The original goal of having this mobile app was to make it easier to verify landscaping and horticulture professionals. Now we have expanded that list to include pest control professionals which should be helpful to both the public and our inspectors out in the field,” added Strain. Users can verify a license, a certification, business permit, or even file a complaint.

Insect activity increases as the days and nights become warmer during the spring and summer months. This is the time of year when termites swarm. Homeowners who experience pests (termites or other

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Updated: New toll app offers alternative to E-ZPass transponder

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A Washington, D.C. area company is now offering an alternative to battery-powered transponders.

The Uproad app for IOS and Google aims to give drivers the ability to use all toll systems around the country. Uproad pays tolls, sends drivers alerts and allows users to calculate the cost of a road trip before beginning their drive.

blankIn January, Uproad added Delaware. It now has several states in the E-ZPass system on the East Coast.

The app can now pay tolls on four roads in Delaware, including the Delaware Memorial Bridge, Interstate- 95, SR-1 and US-301.

James Salmon, spokesman, for the Delaware and Bay Authority at first reported the app would not work on the bridge. It later turned out that neither the DRBA or the Delaware Department of Transportation have formally endorsed the app.

Uproad has signed up toll road systems in other states, including California.


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