“We call those assets in the business world, and business is booming”: Klay Thompson throws out Inglorious Basterds reference while rating Warriors’ 2021 NBA draft prospects

Klay Thompson has been hyping Warriors and NBA fans up with his appearances on Instagram Live. Everyone wants a piece of Klay now.

The Golden State Warriors are currently at a fork in the road in terms of their future prospects. They could either move some of their talent away to acquire a superstar this summer, or they could choose to continue building organically, as they did so successfully in the 2010s.

Much of what goes into this decision will boil down to how Klay Thompson recovers in this offseason. This man has the ability to take the Warriors from a fringe playoff team to championship contention.

Now we don’t know how well he’s healed from the horrendous Achilles tear he suffered in November last year. What we do know, though, is that the Warriors have some assets to definitely take some of the load off his shoulders.

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Klay Thompson answers queries regarding the Warriors’ draft picks this year

Bob Myers is definitely waiting for this year’s draft to find some cost-effective ways of improving their roster. They’ve been out of the playoffs for 2 straight years now after 5 straight Finals runs in a row.

Klay would undoubtedly like the team to add depth and strength through the draft. His response to a question on Instagram Live clears up for us what his views on this year’s draft class are:

“How do I feel about the draft? Great. Two lotto picks. Don’t come around too often. We call those assets in the business world and business is booming.”

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Klay Thompson continues to give us proof of how he might just be the NBA’s most chilled-out star. What would Warriors fans not give to see a fully healthy Klay back in their lineup and firing on all cylinders!