What is Nexus Origination™ & Why Does it Matter for Lenders?

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Nexus Origination™ is an industry-leading loan origination software platform that gives lenders a mobile-first toolkit to improve loan production. This software tool is designed for lenders who want their customers to have an intuitive borrowing experience from the device of their choice.

Why do you need Nexus Origination™?

If you’re wondering why Nexus Origination™ is the #1 mortgage POS system for lenders, it’s because it offers the following conveniences:

1. Exemplary customer experience

Statistics show that approximately 67% of active home loan customers in the U.S. would prefer an online application process. This is one of the main reasons behind the growing demand for digitized origination tools in the mortgage industry. 

Mortgage software solutions like Nexus Origination™ are not subject to many of the inconveniences that cause time wastage during origination. Therefore, customers can have an expedited process and enjoy the overall origination experience.

2. Increased productivity

As buyers try to get the keys to their homes in the least time possible, lenders are also interested in closing deals faster and doing more for their businesses. However, the paramount interactions, such as terms negotiations, between loan officers and potential borrowers can undermine this goal.

Most of the tasks are repetitive, resulting in a lot of wasted time. Nexus Origination™ can solve this problem by automating a majority of these tasks. What’s more, lenders will be able to check applicant materials quickly with minimal likelihood of lost or misplaced documents.

3. More accurate fraud detection

Core Logic claims that approximately one in 109 applications are fraudulent. This may not look so serious until you encounter that one expensive case of fraud. As a lender, therefore, it’s crucial to adopt different strategies to reduce losses related to fraud.

You can use the power of predictive analysis offered by Nexus Origination™ to determine the risk of issuing a loan to a specific buyer. What is more, this loan origination platform uses automation to help you decide the types of loans that require fraud analysis.

4. Cost savings

Automating the repetitive process associated with loan origination is not only meant to save time. It can also make it possible for your business to save costs, albeit indirectly. The three main cost-saving-related benefits that Nexus Origination™ offers are:

  • You won’t have to hire data entry staff
  • Your employees can focus on more productive activities rather than spending most of their time looking for and validating information from different sources
  • You won’t have to spend a lot of money on all the storage space required to store hundreds, if not thousands, of piles of documents.

Also, think of the other cost-related benefits such as saving money on printing paper, toners, folders, and other seemingly trivial items.

5. Analytics for improvement

Having an advanced loan origination tool like Nexus Origination™ opens the doors for improving business processes to offer a better customer experience. You can leverage the power of data to identify any areas that would benefit from improvement, as well as those that are currently doing well.

You will even have insight into the elements that promote good loan performance. That way, you can accept more of the loans that exhibit such elements.

Enjoy these benefits and others today

Nexus Origination™ is an innovative loan origination tool for lenders who want to be at the top of the competition. With valuable functions and a great customer support team to guide you through, it’s a great addition to your software collection.

Try Nexus Origination™ today and see the difference it brings to your loan origination processes!