Add The Johns Hopkins MBA To Your Resume

You may know Johns Hopkins as the leading name in medical education and research. From the university’s founding as America’s first research university to being a global leader through the COVID-19 pandemic, Johns Hopkins has been synonymous with health. But it’s not just a passion for health; it’s a relentless drive for innovation that defines the Johns Hopkins legacy.  Whether you’re looking to lead in the business of health or find the next analytics-driven breakthrough, Johns Hopkins Carey Business School has a spot for you. And because we are a relatively young school with a startup, entrepreneurial mindset situated inside the university that revolutionized higher education in the U.S., you get the best of both worlds.

We bring this innovative mindset to our curriculum— adding classes, increasing experiential learning opportunities, and evolving so that our curriculum equips you with the skills that tomorrow’s employers demand. We built our full-time Johns Hopkins MBA on a foundation of business analytics and the leadership skills you need to thrive as a business leader.

When you begin your Johns Hopkins MBA, you will choose from two pathways: Analytics, Leadership, and Innovation or the Health, Technology, and Innovation.

Analytics, Leadership, and Innovation

What will drive the next decade of business? Understanding the application of business analytics alone won’t drive innovation. You’ll also need the leadership skills to engage, lead, and negotiate with the people around you to implement data-driven strategies. You need to harness the power of data. Otherwise, you run the risk of perpetuating ineffective or ill-informed strategies. In the Analytics, Leadership, and Innovation pathway, discover the powerful synergy between analytics and leadership to navigate the fast-moving market.

Health, Technology, and Innovation

From shifting government regulations to innovative health technologies and increased competition, the business of health is constantly changing. Because the challenges of modern health care are too complex to address with traditional models, leaders need specialized knowledge to implement change. In the Health, Technology, and Innovation pathway, find technology-driven, human-centered solutions to complex health problems.

Capitalize on Carey Business School’s unique position in Johns Hopkins’ world-renowned health ecosystem. Partner with innovative and pioneering faculty, health practitioners, and researchers at Johns Hopkins institutions including the top-ranked Johns Hopkins School of Medicine and Johns Hopkins Hospital.

Carey Business School is the right school for you if you are ready to take the next step in your career or pivot to something new, if you’re excited to build the analytic and leadership skills to propel your career, and if you’re looking for a global network of alumni to connect with once you’re on campus and throughout your entire career. Don’t wait to build for what’s next.

Kelly Farmer is the executive director of admissions at Johns Hopkins Carey Business School where she oversees recruitment, application evaluation, and candidate experience for all degree and certificate programs. Before joining Carey, Kelly spent 15 years in undergraduate admissions, most recently as assistant VP for undergraduate admissions at Stevenson University.

Kelly holds a bachelor’s degree in journalism and a master’s degree in education policy and leadership, both from the University of Maryland, and completed the Management Development Program at Harvard University’s Graduate School of Education.