CasePacer Announces Special Pricing for Mobile Plaintiff Discovery App

CasePacer Announces Special Pricing for Mobile Plaintiff Discovery App

INDIANAPOLIS–()–CasePacer, a leading provider of legal case management software, announced promotional pricing today for its mobile plaintiff discovery app CP Direct. CP Direct is a white labeled mobile application that firms can use to communicate with plaintiffs directly through intelligent forms, automating discovery requests and intake while saving money and increasing efficiency.

The promotion will run from July 15th through Labor Day for both current and new CasePacer software clients. Standard pricing includes a one-time $14,500 license fee, paired with a recurring $2 per case cost monthly. Any law firm that enrolls during the promotional period will enjoy a $9,500 discount with a license fee of just $5,000 and the recurring per case fee reduced to $1 (a 50% discount).

CP Direct is both a web and mobile application, available for public download on iOS and Android. Personal injury and mass torts firms can save their staff invaluable time by allowing plaintiffs to upload their discovery documents, photos and videos directly from their phone. The app then syncs with CasePacer’s case management software, to organize all case files in a single central hub. The app is white labeled so a firm can brand it with their name, logo and colors – eliminating confusion and streamlining communication for firms that deal with hundreds of plaintiffs every week.

Current or new customers interested in adding CP Direct to their firm can reach out to Kevin McDowell for a demo and detailed pricing information at [email protected]. To learn more about CP Direct, visit

CasePacer’s legal case management software is intelligent; automating workflows, simplifying document management, and using patented tickler technology to streamline tasks and continually move cases forward. CasePacer helps their clients transform their business by scaling their firm without adding headcount.