IPC – Independent Profit Center Review – Your Way to Automated Income Or Just a Scam?

If you are interested in an automated income through the internet then no doubt you’ve heard about IPC, or Independent Profit Center. But does this program really stand up to the hype, or is it just another money-making scam?

I am here to tell you that this is a legitimate, residual business opportunity for those who really want it.

What Is IPC ?

This program is a great opportunity for both newbies and more established internet marketers to earn an automatic income. It was setup by Dan Miller, who wants to show anyone that it’ possible to market successfully online and create a residual business, earning you money even when you sleep !

The program is simply based on selling some great value products (thousands of dollars worth) – and they provide you with all the training you need to do so!

Can It Make You Money?

There’s no doubt that IPC can make you money and build an automated income. However, this isn’t going to happen without any work. Like any business opportunity, you get out what you put in. Fortunately, Independent Profit Center has made this easy by providing simple step-by-step instructions for marketing your products and making those sales.

All it costs to join is $200 for thousands of dollars worth of software. You will then be guided on how to set up a website, how to market the products, and be provided with some of the best video training guides available in online marketing.

There are many other programs that promise the same results, but here are three reasons that Independent Profit Center is a step above the rest:

1) They provide you with daily cash payouts direct to your account when you make a sale.

2) You do not have to share any of your commissions. You get to keep all of the money from new sales !

3) The program comes with some of the easiest to follow and most effective marketing options available – just follow the instructions and you will find new sales from completely free traffic.


With most money-making programs, the premise is the same: to make an automated income online through selling top-value products and services.

With Independent Profit Center, the value is in the training. It is due to a lack of this training that so many online marketers failed in the past. Don’t make the same mistake – build your automated income and residual business through IPC today!