Startup Redleaf Mobile App Launches To Help Home Service Providers Build, Manage, and Grow Their Business

RIDGEFIELD, Conn., May 13, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Home service provider James Albis & Co-Founder of Startup Redleaf Mobile App understands the challenges of building, managing and growing a service business. James has been in the home service industry for seven years, doing everything from plowing snow, cutting grass, and taking care of homes. He has learned over the years a number of challenges to get things done while on the go. James has used his collective experience in the home services industry, technology and business to build a utility mobile application for the broad home services industry. James set out on his mission with the goal to make life easier and more convenient for the people on the ground. James grew tired of other applications taking a large commission or charging for expensive leads. Albis states, “The Redleaf App is built from the lens of the service provider FIRST. I am out in front talking with people on the ground, listening to their voices, understanding what they want and need. I took that feedback and built a mobile application from the ground up for the broad services market.

According to Albis, “There are a number of important features that service provides need in one application: direct customer connection, open communication, flexible payment platforms, scheduling, reminders and finding new jobs. Customers can find and connect with their favorite service provider also, the better the connection the better the experience. James, set out on his journey a year ago, during the peak of Covid, to build a mobile application that simplified the management and marketing process for the greater service community.¬†According to Albis, “service providers face a myriad of challenges when managing and growing their business, there was no application that did both management and marketing. There are millions of service providers today who need a better way of doing things.” Service providers need to ensure their business runs efficiently, whether you’re a one-person shop or ten. No matter what you do-plow snow, cut grass, cut tree’s, clean pools, clean chimney’s, clean houses, or fixing stuff, the Redleaf Mobile App is simple enough for every service provider to use on a daily basis. Albis explained, “The reason I launched the Redleaf Mobile App, is I have walked a thousand miles in the shoes of what a service provider experiences, trying to stay organized, trying to get paid, trying to follow up with customers, coordinate a schedule with customers, trying to find the best use of my time, send reminders, keep on top of tasks, and finding new customers!…. all of this is the core of the app.

One great new feature, is JobSnap, which allows service providers to see photos of actual jobs, posted by home owners in local communities, together with a job description, and estimated budget. Once both parties connect, final negotiations, pricing, and references are set between both parties. JobSnap is a great feature that saves service providers time running around looking at jobs and giving estimates, now they can actually see the job right on their phone, and connect directly with the customer, with no middleman. According to Albis, “after speaking with thousands of service providers, what I have learned is they don’t want to be told where to go, what to do, how much they should accept a job for, pay for a worthless lead, or get one dollar taken out of their hard-earned money. In terms of pricing, service providers get everything they need for one FLAT INTRODUCTORY PRICE- $34.99 per month, a 40% Savings! for the management tool and JobSnap feature. The App is available for sale in the App Store under Redleaf Mobile App. New Users can try the app for Free for 14 days! For more information go to, Connect with us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube.

SOURCE Redleaf Technology Inc.

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