Webinar on business analytics career in U.S., Canada and Europe

Webinar on business analytics career in U.S., Canada and Europe

A webinar on ‘Build a Global Business Analytics Career in the U.S., Canada, and Europe’, presented by Insofe, was held as a part of The Hindu Education Plus Study Abroad series on November 27 and shed light on the options available for careers in Data Science, Artificial Intelligence, machine learning and related fields.

“The problem in most industries today is that people who study business don’t understand technology and the people who study technology don’t understand the business,” said Venkatesh Sunkad, Dean, Business Programmes at Insofe. He also spoke about the demand for people who can bridge the gap between Data Science and business.

Maud Le Bars, South Asia area manager for Rennes School of Business in France, said France is a great destination for students to pursue courses, as it has over 25 institutions that are among the top 100 in the world for business or management.

On the opportunities in Ottawa, Robin Ritchie, Associate Dean of Professional Graduate Programmes and Associate Professor of Marketing at Carleton University, Canada, said the nexus of high technology and the demand for people with expertise in data analytics makes their MBA a collaborative and experiential one. “The students get a chance to work with other students on real-time projects and the built-in internship is part of the programme.”

Dr. Suzy Siegel, the Provost, Executive Vice President and Professor of Management, Walsh College, U.S., stressed the importance of Data Science specifically in the American context. Calling it the backbone of business, she pointed out that not only could it help assess consumer behaviour but also help companies assess return on their marketing investment.

The session was moderated by Yashasvini Rajeshwar, and can be viewed at https://bit.ly/3lhGtvm .