Bitcoin Conference coming to College Station virtually, talking technology, business, finance, law and regulation

COLLEGE STATION (CW39) The interest in Bitcoin has not slowed down and people around the world are still jumping on board. That’s why Texas A&M University hopes to help educate everyone about the Bitcoin and is hosting a conference to do just that .

The Bitcoin Conference takes place April 16-17 and is hosted by the Mays Innovation Research Center, a center of excellence within Mays Business School at Texas A&M University. This mostly virtual event will feature speakers from academia, industry and government, plus experts representing numerous aspects of the cryptocurrency Bitcoin

The conference, which will be held via Zoom but with an in-person option on April 17, will address topics such as Bitcoin’s economic foundations, underlying technology, business and finance, and the law/policy/regulatory landscape.

Texas A&M University

“Bitcoin is one of the most radical innovations of our time, so it is appropriate that the Center

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Continuous mobile app security protects the business and spurs innovation

Researchers found a vulnerability about two years ago in the Android versions of WhatsApp and Telegram that could let hackers manipulate media files sent via the apps. Today’s columnist, Brian C. Reed of NowSecure, offers some insights on how continuous mobile app security can protect companies from similar vulnerabilities. microsiervos CreativeCommons Credit: CC BY 2.0

Spurred on by a pandemic that forced workers home, we have grown increasingly reliant on a cadre of mobile applications proliferating at a head-spinning rate. Unfortunately, investment in mobile app security has failed to keep pace or gain coveted priority on the long list of information security concerns.

Too many business leaders simply don’t see mobile apps as a top-tier security threat. In the rush to develop mobile apps and get them to market, security and privacy are more often an afterthought than a must-have baked into the development process.

But that has to change

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