Top 5 Social Media Analytics For Your Business? It May Be Time To Select One That Would Suit You

Social Media Analytics may be something that a company can do on their own, as companies like Facebook, Twitter, and others offer those within their Business Suite features. However, all the data and numbers there can confuse people, and certain steps to be taken in the future may not be the right step for future campaigns.

Services that specialize in analytics train professionals regarding the job, uplifting a company to get the most of their experience in one of the widely used platforms in the world. Moreover, social media is a massively used platform, and online campaigns that would reach the right audience at the right place and time are a massive game-changer for a particular venture, product, or campaign.

Here are the top five social media analytics platforms that might suit your needs:

Top 5 Social Media Analytics in 2021 for Your Business? It May Be Time To Select One That Would Suit You

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Business and revenue growth is possible, and HubSpot is the key to moving forward from there. Social Media Analytics with modern tools are available here, and the company offers a lot of services that focus on the different aspects of businesses and social media.

The company also offers reports on the success of specific performance or campaigns, and they are one of the top companies that provide this for all clients. The company also provides an on-the-go service for all needs.


  • Adaptive testing
  • Multi-touch revenue attribution
  • Account-based marketing
  • Marketing automation
  • Blogging
  • Custom reporting

HubSpot offers its services as a customer relationship management (CRM) platform, but it does not get stuck there as it brings more to the table and has focused on different aspects. Not only that, HubSpot has different focuses that would be intended for specific uses, and it includes:

  • Marketing Hub – Marketing software to help grow a client’s traffic, convert more visitors, and run complete inbound marketing campaigns at scale.
  • Sales Hub – Sales CRM software to help clients get deeper insights into prospects, automate the tasks you hate and close more deals faster.
  • Service Hub – Customer service software to help clients connect with customers, exceed expectations, and turn them into promoters who grow your business.
  • CMS Hub (content management software) – Content management software that is flexible for marketers, powerful for developers, and gives customers a personalized, secure experience.
  • Operations Hub – Operations software that syncs a client’s apps, cleans customer data, and automates processes – so all your systems and teams work better together.

The company also offers different features and one of which is the App Integration feature. It helps in promoting the application that the company uses. For example, the service needs app integration like popular electronic mail systems (Gmail, Outlook, etc.). It could be added and used by anyone under the HubSpot System.

The company already has 875 and more application integration on its CRM platform. It is a massive thing to consider because it can be used and compatible with many present applications in the tech industry. This also means that it is seamless in its function to other users and is not centered on popular or the usual apps available on application stores.

Also, another notable thing in HubSpot’s service is that it offers a free demo for its CRM platform and that a client or user could use it for a long time before it requires a change to premium. This means that they can experience the platform of HubSpot first before being required to go premium. This helps clients get the feel of the software and determine if HubSpot is the tool they require for all social media analytics they need.

It is worth noting that HubSpot already has more than 120,000 customers worldwide, and this is a significant number of clientele that uses its services in the present. It also offers over six languages on its CRM platform, with the most used included in the software for better integration. HubSpot has a reach and availability in over 120 countries already, and this says a lot about the software.

The application of HubSpot can handle loads of employees of a single company from 1 to 1,000 people in a team, and its expansive software ensures that no one is left behind, and massive companies can enjoy its services. The company promises unlimited user data and millions of contacts with no expiry date for its use and availability.

Price: Free to $3,200 per month

Sprout Social

Cross-channel social media analytics is what Sprout Social boasts of, and it is one of the most notable services in the industry now, bringing the services to what a company needs. Whether small-time or big-time clients, Sprout Social has something to offer them that complements the needs that these clients require.

From a deep dive to performance on a single network Sprout Social offers its services for many purposes. The company also provides comprehensive analytics that would cover a lot of spectrum on the internet and bring what they need on a specific service.


  • Advanced Listening
  • Profile Performance Report
  • Tag Report
  • Post Performance Report
  • Competitor Reports
  • Team and Task Reports
  • Paid Performance Report

Sprout Social is one of the top-rated social media analytics tools, and it helps in bringing what a client needs in every aspect they wish on their platform. The many features that Sprout Social brings to the platform are notable, as they are all applicable to the client’s needs, potentially helping a business grow and expand as it intends to.

Price: Free to $249 per month

Top 5 Social Media Analytics in 2021 for Your Business? It May Be Time To Select One That Would Suit You

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It would not be a social media analytics tool without BuzzSumo, and this is one of the top services on the internet today. It is trusted by a lot of companies to track their performance online. It provides a robust platform that is easily navigable — something that most social media analytics websites lack, as they tend to be confusing to the user.

The company does not stop at analyzing or tracking social media platforms or specific accounts. It can also help in providing a tool for the internet, particularly for websites.

Social media is also one massive focus of BuzzSumo’s services. The only thing that people need to do is that its users should set the parameters and specifics right at the very start, and the service will do its thing. BuzzSumo offers a new take on social media analytics services, and despite having lots of years in the industry already, they still are one of the top seeds.


  • Content Discovery
  • Content Research
  • Find Influencers
  • Monitoring
  • Chrome Extension
  • API

BuzzSumo can cater to any company that is present in the digital world, and it does so with its many features and offers, something that is useful to all the needs of a client. The platform offers both a browser and software tool that can potentially expand a business, and it can be applied to any needs of the client.

Price: Free to $239 per month

Google Analytics

One of the services that provide a free and reliable analytics tool for any website is Google Analytics. It is easily one of the most popular among its competitors on the list. The service from Google is one of the earliest in the industry, and its platform is known for its many features that help bring many inputs in social media analytics.

However, Google Analytics is a so-called “freemium” service that offers small-time companies a free service, but users would need to pay for more advanced offers. That being said, almost everything is running under Google’s noses, and it only shows how much the company’s reach is in analyzing a massive chunk of the internet.


  • Powerful Social Media Analytics Tool
  • Track Specific Social Media Content
  • Can Set up parameters for better tracking and a targeted focus
  • Analyze traffic as well

Google Analytics is one of the top tools that a person can find online, and it is worth including in this list because it is frankly one of the well-known companies for everything data and analytics. The only con here is that it is expensive when trying to use the company’s premium features, but as far as the free version goes, it is effective and functional for moderate needs.

Price: Free to $12,500 per month

(Photo : is an all-in-one social media management platform that aims to help entrepreneurs and social media influencers achieve more of their experiences in the online world. The platform has different solutions for users to maximize the possibilities in their social media page and help businesses improve their marketing strategies.

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Sociality offers five main modules of their service for all businesses:

  • (Publish) Automatically publish content to all social media platforms at the same time.
  • (Engage) Engage with social media audiences inside one unified inbox.
  • (Listen) Measure brand health by listening to ongoing conversations about their brand on social media platforms and web/forums/news.
  • (Competitor analysis) Set accurate benchmarks by monitoring competitors’ performance.
  • (Reports) Prepare advanced reports for an intelligent decision-making process.

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Also, they have three strengths to offer to their users — something that gives their service an edge over competitors. These can also uplift a business to achieve its needs, wants, and more.

These three strengths include:

I. Competitor Analysis Module

It allows users to monitor and measure competitors’ performance on Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, and Twitter. gathers metrics such as growth rate, content type, engagement rate, interaction rates, publishing days and times, etc. Moreover, our tool differentiates between paid and organic engagement on Instagram, so our users can spy on competitors’ promoted content.

The competitor analysis module gathers metrics of each post/Story/video/IGTV individually, and advanced filters can quickly sort content based on the highest engagement rates, interaction rates, or content type.

II. Engage Module

Crowded social media teams require an advanced solution to collaborate and establish a predictive workflow effectively.

Engage module gathers direct messages, replies, shares, mentions, retweets, comments, etc., from all social media channels and organizes them inside one dashboard that looks like a regular inbox. So, even 100 people teams can work together to manage social media engagement.

III. Enhanced API

Big enterprises need social media data to connect to their enterprise systems or CRMs. There are a variety of case scenarios that can be achieved via API, but it offers enterprise-level security and is flexible to meet enterprise needs.

Social Media Analytics is a massive factor that is needed by people now, and it is because social media platforms are a part of everyone’s lives, even those who are not of age yet. Most people’s lives are already on social media, and it is a way to get up to date, know a product, and discover a lot on the internet.

Knowing one’s performance and reach on social media can help expand a business more, and with this, it can potentially help in bringing success over time. That being said, these tools, companies, and services are needed to expand more, and they too are needed to be evaluated to get the best possible service that would fit a specific need or focus of a company.

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