Towards the future of Business Analytics

January 30, 2021

Today, businesses are growing at a tremendous pace and so is the data. Simultaneously, the way businesses used to process is also changing, they are now looking to utilize the historical and the continuous stream of data to generate game-changing insights. It is however easier said than done. To analyze these huge datasets, a business needs to invest in various resources including manpower, hardware, and software. This could certainly not be everyone’s cup of tea. Analytics as a service is something that can resolve this problem. It enables the users to utilize web-based technologies to do the analysis rather than investing in the traditional on-site system. Businesses can now have vendors who provide access to analytics for a fee so that businesses do not have to manage multiple software for it.

This steadily increasing need for analytics is not limited to any

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Masters in Business Analytics AMA (Ask Me Anything) webinar

You know that having a Masters in Business Analytics (MSBA) degree will help you stand out to employers. But Google doesn’t seem to have answers to questions such as:

• Is an MSBA worth it?
• How difficult is it?
• What can I do with it?
• What kind of job title do I get?
• What *is* a Masters in Business Analytics?

Join Seattle University’s Albers School of Business and Economics on Friday, January 15, 2021, for a free, live Ask Me Anything webinar on all things MSBA.

Bring your questions and ask away — this is the MSBA webinar that’s all about YOU. Two current Albers MSBA students will be on hand to answer all your queries. Ask them anything!

You’ll learn:

• Why a Masters in Business Analytics is one of the most sought after grad degrees today
• What skills and competencies you need for

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First Student Graduates from WIU Business Analytics Program – Western Illinois University News

First Student Graduates from WIU Business Analytics Program

February 2, 2021

MACOMB/MOLINE, IL – – The Western Illinois University Business Analytics program has graduated its first student, Elijah Elkerton, of Minneapolis, MN.

The Illinois Board of Higher Education (IBHE) approved a new Bachelor of Business in business analytics at Western Illinois University to begin in Fall 2018.

Elkerton, who joined Western’s graduate program in analytics, Master of Science in Applied Statistics and Decision Analytics (ASDA), this spring, not only chose to come to Western to play on the Division I football team, but also because he was looking for a school that had an undergraduate and graduate program to allow him to enter the data science or analytics field.

“My future goal is to be a Chief Information Officer for a company, which will allow me to bring together technology and business throughout my career,” Elkerton said. “I think

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Get 33% Off Top-Rated Pluralsight Data Analytics Courses This Week

Get 33% Off Top-Rated Pluralsight Data Analytics Courses This Week

Source: Pluralsight

Get 33 percent off top-rated Pluralsight data analytics courses this week when you sign up for one of Pluralsight’s annual or premium subscriptions.

Data analytics skills are in high demand among organizations that are looking to use their collected data to generate valuable business insight. The pandemic and subsequent ‘new normal’ of remote work are furthering demands for these skills. Many are turning to online learning platforms to up their game and acquire the data analytics skills most likely to help them stand out. And whether you are looking to acquire those skills for work or for play, this collection of Pluralsight data analytics courses will help you learn the ropes so you can pilot some of the most widely used tools in no time!

With this in mind, the editors at Solutions Review have compiled this list of top-rated Pluralsight data analytics courses to consider taking

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