Meet The Masters Of Business Analytics

The key to business innovation? Think sound decision-making through the understanding of data.

That’s what business analytics delivers a means to collect, segment, interpret, and act on data. The industry is exploding, producing master’s of business analytics grads globally who are using analytics to push the needle in industries such as finance, technology, consulting, retail, and entrepreneurship. For some, personal fulfillment is their greatest accomplishment following graduation.

“My biggest accomplishment in my career so far is getting up every day to perform a job that I love while being surrounded by amazing teammates that help me grow both as a professional and a person,” says Esade Business School’s Pol Borrellas i Martín. 


Not only are the graduates of business analytics master’s programs finding fulfillment in their personal lives, their specialized skills are helping them succeed in the workforce. No wonder, business analytics is

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Value of MBA can’t be understated in business world | Education

For many, getting a Master of Business Administration degree is a ticket to achieving higher success in the business field. Whether someone wants to open their own business, rise to a managerial position, or just make professional connections, an MBA is a flexible degree that opens the door for opportunities.

Cathy Dubois, associate dean of graduate and online programs at Kent State University; Elad Granot, dean and professor of marketing at Dauch College of Business and Economics of Ashland University in Ashland; and Walter Simmons, associate dean at Boler College of Business at John Carroll University in University Heights, said although the COVID-19 pandemic has affected the process of getting an MBA to some extent, it is still a valuable degree to attain.

“MBA still maintains a lot of value,” Simmons said. “Because it is adjusting to the needs of corporations and other entities. So corporations, for example, are saying

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Column: Is city wasting funds on privately-owned business center?

Jim Cogan

City offering pay-as-you-can deal to Santa Barbara co-working center

–By Jim Cogan of Paso Robles

On Tuesday, the Paso Robles City Council will consider additional incentives for The Sandbox – a Santa Barbara-based co-working business – in exchange for the company establishing a second location in Paso Robles. In 2019, the city hired a consultant for $33,150 to oversee the acquisition and build-out of the space at 1345 Park Street to create a “Business Success Center.”

The project relies on the city leasing the office space and in turn subleasing that space to The Sandbox. That agreement has already cost taxpayers $64,600 in unpaid rent and $20,300 in unpaid loan repayments. The original agreement authorized the city to provide approximately $99,500 in loan forgiveness out of a total loan of $399,500 to pay for part of the tenant improvements.

The current city staff report recommends the

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Ratan Tata-backed startup Generic Aadhar launches pharmacy aggregator app

Pharmacy retail chain Generic Aadhar on Monday announced an app that will get generic medicines from nine pharmaceutical manufacturers and sell them at its outlets.

The chain, which is led by 18-year-old Arujun Deshpande and is backed by Tata Group chairman emeritus Ratan Tata, grew in 2020 by adding 450 franchise stores to take its total count to 650 odd stores in 100 cities.

Founded in 2019, the startup procures generic (unbranded) medicines from around nine major pharmaceutical manufacturers. These manufacturers, in Gujarat, Maharashtra, Pondicherry, are all World Health Organisation-Good Manufacturing Practices (WHO-GMP) certified.

Generic medicines use the same salt as a branded medicine, but their prices are 60-80 per cent lower.

Deshpane, founder and CEO of Generic Aadhar, said the company offers a 40 percent margin to the retailer and has a central warehouse from which

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